JG Haddy History

JG Haddy Rich in History
JG Haddy originated in 1954 as Suncrest Poultry Farms by Joe Haddy, John Haddy and Tom McBrinie. In 1955, Land was purchased in South Phoenix for the purpose of starting a hen laying ranch. Expanding rapidly a feed mill and long haul refrigerated trucks were purchased. McBrirnie was bought out and the partnership became four corporations.
During the ensuring years, California production continued to increase causing markets in California to become more and more burdensome on the egg market. The producer cooperative for surplus removal would be formed to subsidize out of state shipments.

In 1966 Joe moved to Ramona, CA and built a new state of the art processing plant to include a USDA breaking room. Joe pioneered shipping cartoned eggs into Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. In 1967 a 50/50 partnership with Wesco was made and the plant was renamed to Henny Penny Egg Ranches.

During the the 1970’s they became a public stock company – Cal-Maine. Joe took a position with Cal-Maine in charge of the operations he had sold to them. In 1972, Joe was approached by a major egg-packaging manufacturer to be their Western United States Distributor. Coast Packaging Co. is located today in Mira Loma, California.

In 1973 JG Haddy was incorporated as an Arizona Corporation located in both Riverside and Escondido California. It was primarily an egg packaging brokerage selling egg packaging cartons for Mobil Chemical.

In 1976 Joe Haddy moved approximately 90 million cartons annually. Coast Packaging & Supplies was formed to perform customer service, billing and collection functions. Joe Haddy also started to out source-packaging products such as filler flats, corrugated boxes, and plastic flats.
To help improve service in 1979 CP&S owned 4 semi trucks, 15 trailers and a 40’x50’ cross dock in the Mira Loma Space Center. HSC & CP&S was able to mix products of cartons, flats, boxes, tape, and twine to accommodate what ever the customer needed for a next day or even same day delivery.

By 1980 the Federal Government deregulated the trucking industry. Both Joe Haddy and Bill Smerber saw an opportunity to move the trucks and trailers away from CP&S and created CPS Express. CPS Express was incorporated in October 1980.
Today CPS Express, Coast Packaging and Coast Warehouse are continuing to be on the forefront meeting all of it’s customers needs.
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